Farm Family

Linda Chapman

Linda figured out late in her college courses that a degree in speech and hearing from IU just wasn?t the path she was destined for. After several years of teaching at alternative schools and practicing midwifery, her natural love for gardening and being outdoors led her to flower farming as a living. 24 years later, her passion has only increased as she guides the farm towards evermore-bountiful 12 month farming seasons. She is so grateful that the bounty of her farm has led to such a lovely and gratifying livelihood.

Linda has published professional growers articles in Growing for Market Magazine

  • ?Secrets to Farmers? Market Success? ? December 2000
  • ?Florals for Weddings-A Profitable Headache? ? January 2002
  • ?Diversify Crops, Markets and Seasons? ? March 2011

Linda is a also available as an experienced conference speaker on the many aspects of growing and marketing specialty cut flowers. Please Contact Us

Anna Dale

Born and raised on the farm, Anna is a dyed-in-the-wool country girl and has always loved living and playing in the woods and flower fields. She loves to travel, play music, cook (though baking is REALLY her passion), hang out with young children, sing, hike and read. Anna is a graduate of Warren Wilson College in North Carolina with a conservation degree in sustainable agriculture- Kind of handy around here!

Anna works full-time on the farm 8 months/year alongside Linda. She makes romantic, very full bouquets and stunning wreaths. She?s also a fantastic marketer, so expect to see Anna vending HMFF products at our various farmers markets and craft shows.

Also check out Anna’s Hoosier Harvest Pies at the Bloomington Winter Farmer’s Market.

Deryl Dale

More than 30 years ago, Deryl dreamed that the 5-acre parcel of land he had just purchased would eventually provide a wholesome ecological living. He dove into the ?back-to-the-land? philosophy with both hands on the tiller. All those years, he also worked full-time as a building contractor, coming home from ?work? to re-don his tool belt and get a home built for his family. As the farm?s needs have expanded, Deryl has been the one to make the next agricultural dream a reality, building hoop houses, solar greenhouse facilities and cold frames to help Harvest Moon Farm thrive.

Deryl has enjoyed being a Saturday morning vendor at the farmers markets for the past 25 years we?ve been in business. Most times you?ll catch him at our Bloomington markets gladly wrapping flower purchases.

Ben West

Wonderful Ben happened to come along with Anna to our Indiana farm when they graduated together from Warren Wilson College?. Originally from Virginia, Ben is an outdoorsman extraordinaire. He has been professionally hired as a fly-fishing and hunting guide. It really doesn?t matter if he?s getting paid?. he?s following these passions anytime he has the chance. Meanwhile, he makes a living working part-time on the farm and doing construction work. Having received a Fine Arts degree, Ben is also an amazing painter- Painting fish is really where his heart lies right now, but we convinced him to paint our logo artwork on the barn.

Gay Venegas

She?s been a key player at HMFF for over 25 years? now, that?s loyalty! Somewhere in that time period, she also became a delightful next-door neighbor.

Gay balances the demands of a large family, a midwifery practice, and part-time flower harvesting/arranging with a deep love for global traveling (especially if there?s a warm beach on the itinerary).

She has an unflappable air and great sense of humor. Her farmer?s market bouquets tend to be dense and hot in color, domed and gorgeously rich with flowers. She keeps getting better and better – she?s simply amazing.

Carmen Venegas

Similar to Anna, Carmen was born into Harvest Moon Farm. We first heard about her years ago, when Gay mentioned she was pregnant while cutting zinnias one morning. Eight months later, a beautiful homebirth brought us Carmen. Since then, Carmen has ?grown up? in our barn, first as a small child, now as a very competent, very knowledgeable farm managing part-time employee. Whether cutting micro-greens/salad mixes/herbs for restaurants and markets, doing greenhouse work or planting hundreds of plugs in record time, this farm would not be as productive without Carmen?s able hands and positive attitude. Currently she is a student at Ivy Tech Community College.

Farm Dogs

What?s a farm without some canine companions?

Our furry friends are named Jocko and Barraka.