Bedding Plants

We'll make your gardens beautiful

bed-plant3Harvest Moon Farm is well known for offering unique perennial plants as well as an extensive assortment of vegetable, fruit, and culinary herb transplants for your garden. We are one of the few locations where you can get bedding plants that have long elegant cutting stems. We like our plants to produce gorgeous strong stems that glorify your home as well as your landscape.

Our plants are grown using sustainable methods. We put our baby plants through a ?boot camp? experience that makes them extremely hardy and healthy.

These plants are available from April through June at our farmers markets. We also host May Open Farm Days showcase the spring beauty of our farm and give you a chance to see all of our plant selections for sale.

Our May Open Farm Days are every Sunday and Monday in May from noon – 5:00pm (closed during thunderstorms or heavy rain).

Please email for directions or to get on our Open Farm Days mailing list.