Fresh Bouquets

Our beautiful bouquets are perfect for any occasion!

What makes our bouquets so distinctive? We pay close attention to form, color, and texture. Additionally, we grow special flowers to be our central focus, such as dahlias, delphiniums, sunflowers, and lilies, making our bouquets unique and beautiful – not what you would find at traditional floral retailers!

We generally use a two or three color combination in our standard bouquets to create a character for each one. The combination of form, texture, and color in each of our bouquets brings a splash of drama and beauty to any occasion or room.

We take extra steps to ensure our flowers stay healthy and have a long vase life. Immediately after the flowers are cut, we place them into a hydrating solution and move them to a cool temperature.

Pick one up today, or contact us about supplying your next occasion!