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What’s been happening at Harvest Moon Flower Farm

Straight from my mouth to your ear:  What’s been happening at Harvest Moon Flower Farm?

Hi.  This is Linda Chapman, owner/operator, farmer/florist of Harvest Moon Flower Farm in Spencer, In for the last 33 years.  I’ve been waiting to write this explanation of my farms status to my loyal FB friends and clients for almost 2 years now… at last, with a major resolution, i am now able to do this without fearing i’m jinxing something.

I’m not too good at keeping my social media presence front and center-  I am truly amazed at my fellow farmers and chefs that have the time and talents to do this daily/ weekly-  That time generally eludes me, especially in the warm season.  I’ve been blessed with a staff that at least keeps some kind of farm presence alive on Instagram and FB.  Maybe i’ll get better at this now.  I have felt held back by uncertainty concerning the status of my OLD farm and my NEW farm.

Let me explain…. I bought 8 acres of new land adjacent to the old farms 6 acres about 3-4 years ago.  In that time i have had the pleasure, stress, challenge and drive to build a new energy efficient, retirement oriented home on the 9 acres.  It’s currently about 90% done and it is a joy to live in.  I also put up a 30×70 hoop house on the 9 acres and have planted quite a selection of screen landscaping and perennials… far from done, but it’s come along well with my staffs solid help over the past few years.

Meanwhile, what our clients see at markets, weddings, special events  and in the businesses that carry our floral arrangements every week are flowers and foliages from the OLD farm.  The OLD farm has been up for sale for the past 1.5 years.  I won’t bore you with the complex details of this real estate journey, but i can now say that, yes, the Harvest Moon Flower Farm that so many know and have visited has now sold.  To be clear, i mean the PROPERTY, not the actual business (i.e. Harvest Moon ).  The business is still mine, which i will be transferring to my NEW farm over the course of the next year.

It’s been sold to a lovely couple who currently reside in Chicago.  I am confident they will learn the ins and outs of this sweet diverse ecosystem and be good stewards for it.  Their plans are to experiment this first year or 2 to determine which crops will work out best for them.  Flowers are not really their ‘jam’, so we will be neighbor farmers with different product lines.  Perfect, right?

Meanwhile, one of the conditions of our real estate transaction was that i could use the OLD farm for the 2020 season-  The barn, the greenhouses, the cooler and the fields.  This is a great comfort to me as i need some of this infrastructure still to be built on the new farm and i need the income the old farm can provide me with to refill my coffers after a very costly house build. 

SO, in a nutshell, Harvest Moon Flower Farm is alive and well!  Just more streamlined and, within the year, more simplified.  It’s been quite the task in 2018 and 2019 to run 1 farm as a business, build another farm, build a home, maintain an old home AND sell a farm.  It’s no wonder my social media presence has been skimpy… it’s been quite the ride…

So, in essence, I apologize for my silence this past year concerning the sale of the OLD farm. 

Please spread the news that my business has NOT closed due to this new and wonderful development-  I’m eager to move forward and create a “Chapter 2 Harvest Moon Farm” in the years ahead… still honing that vision…

So, bring on your special events!  Bring on your weddings!  Call us for a weekly delivery of our lovely well-harvested weekly business flowers.  Come to market to put some Harvest Moon beauty in your homes every week! 

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of all these 34 years in the farming business and community are all the wonderful friends I’ve made.  It’s been a great and heart warming journey-  Thanks for walking some or all of the path with me. 

With Love, Linda