Dried Wreaths

Harvest Moon Flower Farm is well known for offering a large variety of everlasting and fresh wreaths. We store all of the herbs, flowers, pods and grasses of the season in the upstairs ceiling of our barn. Come late fall, we start bringing all these beauties downstairs and start fashioning them into any number of lovely wall and door decorations.

We offer herbal wreaths with red peppers and garlic, floral wreaths in all sizes and colors and holiday wreaths with floral accents for the holidays. Often, our brides ask us to dry their bridal bouquets and make an everlasting wreath from its flowers – a great way to preserve a very special event!

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Holiday Wreaths

Just because they are called ?holiday wreaths?, doesn?t mean you?ll have any inclination to take it off your door or wall after the holidays. ?Our holiday wreaths, all of them, will last at least 6 months- ?deluxes even longer. ?Thus, these are really ?all winter/early spring wreaths?.

All the wreath styles shown below in the pictures can be ordered with either an evergreen base (a ?standard wreath?), or a boxwood/eucalyptus base (?deluxe wreath?). ?The pictured wreaths are all on evergreen bases, unless noted as a deluxe.?Standard wreaths cost between 55-65.00.?Deluxe wreaths are 85.00 generally.

For ordering purposes, state the name of the wreath you like and then ?standard? or ?deluxe?, i.e., a festive standard or a festive deluxe.?Orders taken in person at our farmers markets or via email ?chapdale@bluemarble.net

We have many customers who have made ordering a holiday wreath from our farm an annual holiday tradition- some go back more than 2 decades! ?I guess that?s customer satisfaction!


Holiday Wreath Styles


Red berries and white flowers with cones and pods. ?Very traditional and classy.



A good holiday and all winter wreath. ?Sunflowers, red berries. ?Generally red and yellow. ?Very rich.


Primary Cheer

Bright, primarily cheerful! ?Red berries, blue accents, yellow bursts. ?Another holiday, all winter wreath.

Rustic and Wild

More woodsey?often made with some sticks incorporated in it. ?Deep red sumac, red berries, cones and pods.



Very! ?A bright, popping festive circle of color with cones and pods.

Golden Winter

Gold and white/wheat accents with cones and pods. ?Very serene, classy and perhaps more contemporary.

Let it Snow

All white on the green base. ?Maybe it should be called an ?angel wreath? as well?.this ones new for 2014- ?Anna made one this year and it was stunning.