Wedding Flowers

?GARDEN FLOWERS?, this is what we offer in romantic and unusual abundance throughout most of the growing year. You might call them ?wildflowers??. we call them ?garden flowers?, cultivated in our sustainably rich soil and grown with professionalism and, truly, love. Hand harvested and arranged into what we hope are little ?works of art?.

Yes! We do book weddings and fill special event orders every month of the year, JANUARY THRU DECEMBER. In truth, our winter and early spring arrangements are stunning- the winter ones can be sparer with wintrier wood to reflect the season, all arranged with texture and loveliness.

Early spring bouquets are redolent in tulips, ranunculus and anemones. Romantic and irresistible. Summer? Anything you desire! High season on a Zone 6 flower farm! Ahhhh?AUTUMN! The most abundant in gorgeous dahlias, Mexican sage, peppers, pods and all the harvests of the year.

Hard to say which season for wedding flowers are our favorites?they are all so different and unique. Be aware of SEASONALITY of the flowers bloom period. I can?t do ranunculus for you beyond April, for instance. Peonies are a May available flower. I can, and do, buy in flowers to augment our harvests, but there?s a price down the line for that. Stay within the bounds of seasonality?.or, just ask me what will work for you, given your wedding date and colors.

So, want to contact us? The best initial contact is via email I am a very busy farmer most months of the year- email works for me if you give me a day or two to respond.

Give me as many details about your floral needs as you can:

Date, venue, colors, quantities of items needed (bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower girl needs, table arrangements), budget range, particular flowers you love or don?t. I?ll respond back as soon as I can and we can let the process unfold from there.?Thank-you for considering our flower farm for your special event.

Linda Chapman and Anna Dale

Bridal and Bridesmaid Bouquets

Our wedding bouquets are as varied and beautiful as the brides we make them for. Using unique, fresh varieties of flowers, we can create interesting, traditional, contemporary, or simple arrangements that compliment the vision you have for your very special day.? We are known for very lush, casual bouquets and stunning arrangements using our farm’s well-grown garden flowers.

Corsages, Boutonnieres and Nosegays

Our corsages and boutonnieres are all about texture! They are that extra little accent on your loved ones that helps to tie the whole wedding together. We at Harvest Moon are known for creating unique and eye-catching pieces that are both classy and playful in nature. As you can see, we like to dabble with adding decorative peppers, seed pods, berries, cones, fresh herbs and even succulents to these. Please let us know if you have any interesting ideas for your special accents!

Altar Arrangements, Garlands, Head Wreaths and Cake Flowers

Sometimes you want to bring more focus and color to your ceremony site, or you need a ‘softening’ effect over an archway. Perhaps your cake needs an extra touch of something special. ?Maybe you dream of wearing a crown of flowers down the isle…Whatever your vision is, we are happy to create something that will be perfect for it. The right arrangement can add color, class and energy exactly when and where it is needed.

Table Arrangements

These function as centerpieces for your tables and help to tie the reception room together. Depending on your preferences they can be anything from sweet and ?simple to lush and wild! The sky is the limit here but we do recommend that you consider the eye-level factor so your guests can see each across the dinner table!